its called karma

jangan mengata..nanti satu hari kena kat kita.itulah basic definition of karma.

korang dah bace lom entry bawah nie?
aku kutuk2 kan?
aku cakap not worth it kan??

well now karma turns it around and i got an iPad and starting to really loving it.
i got excited (may its a new gadget and the most updated version) my kid sis bought quirky cloak case and it fits so slenderly beautiful...haha...shitty ain't it_how a person could change in an instant.but before criticism was not based on jealousy that i could not afford it.just thinks that its not worth the price but since my dad got it by his own so its has no financial effect to me.haha.

things like this applies to many 'penyembang kedai kopi' when they always THINK that they will NEVER change if succeed in life.
famous phrase:
"KALAU aku jadi macam dia tu.aku takdak la nak kedekut-kedekut."

konklusyennye, kalau anda sudah ada iPod or iPhone.don't buy iPad but if u'd like to buy an apple product.pick iPad.cause its better than any touch screen apple products.

ohhhh karma....

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orang kaya gaban dah ade iPad. yeah2!!