another plain year.

well, its been 20 years and 3 months since i was born, and 3 years since i grad from school.
honestly, i think that is the most sucessful thing ive done above all this years.going to school.
urgh, ive lived a plain normal boring life since i left school days.
to be honest i think ive fucked up my life.
work? im too lazy to do that.
study?thats the only thing im good at.ive fucked it.seriously deeply terribly fucked.
well, that just about all the worldy things for a human being to do right?
i suck at both i think.
theres no turning back for the past. theres hope for the future.but whats for today?effort?have i done anything?
last time i checked.NO.NADA.
im a pure loser.i just let life flow.to change something you must bent the flow a lil bit i guess.
a busy life?
a hard life?
well, its fine by me.